The BEST of the BEST Cavs JB-199 III System, Lightyear music

The BEST of the BEST Cavs JB-199 III System, Lightyear music

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The BEST of the BEST Cavs JB-199 III System 


This System Includes:

  • CAVS Digital Karaoke Jukebox JB-199 III Premier
  • CAVS DK3 Mixer
  • Shure PGXD4 with SM58 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone
  • TP-Link C1900 Upgraded wireless router
  • 1 Diamond/Crystal Style Mic Sleeve
  • Yamaha DBR12 Powered Speakers
  • 11" Tablet For Wireless CAVS System Control
  • LCD Karaoke Monitor
  • Karaoke Monitor Stand
  • (2) Additional Wireless Microphones
  • (2) Speaker Stands
  • All Required Cables
  • (3) Microphone Stands
  • Lifetime Support


 CAVS Digital Karaoke Jukebox JB-199 III Premier

 CAVS JB-199 Digital Jukebox can store and access over 100,000 songs with simple push of buttons. It is powerful and convenient, sophisticated and simple. Currently out of production, JB-199 has been upgraded to CAVS JB-199 III as the top-of-the-line commercial karaoke player.  Its proven track record has won countless praises for its functionality and reliability.


CAVS DK3 Mixer

Designed by Digihertz, CAVS Digital DK3 Mixer provides high quality sound with 3 Music inputs, 5 Microphone inputs, and separate Echo and Reverb controls. Working together with CAVS JB-199 III Premier or PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT player, it offers the integrated control in the 3D Customer Support which is compatible to all standard touch screens. Now you can enjoy the touch screen control (both wired and wireless) of both the karaoke player and the digital mixer integrated into one.

Shure PGXD4 w/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone

The PGXD24/SM58 Handheld Wireless System is part of the wireless systems family.

PGX-D Digital Wireless, with state-of-the-art, 24-bit digital audio and trusted Shure microphones, delivers stunning sound and a strong, clean RF signal.

Includes PGXD4 receiver, PGXD2/SM58 handheld transmitter, clip, power supply, 2 AA batteries, carrying case, and user guide.

Yamaha DBR12 Powered Speakers

The DBR12 represents a perfect balance of size and performance, with 1000W of power and outstanding resolution at any output level. Ideal for front-of-house, floor monitoring applications or even the stage side fills, the DBR12 is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications

Dual Wireless System 

This system has been engineered to be dependable dual-channel diversity UHF system with a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance equal to that of any professional wireless systems costing much more.  This is achieved through strict component selection and high quality circuit design.  A delicately designed silence circuit eliminates static noise when the transmitters are either turned off or out of transmission range.  An auto mute circuit is incorporated in these systems to effectively eliminate the popping noise when the switch is turned on or off.