InstaHibit Adjustable Television Monitor Stand

InstaHibit Adjustable Television Monitor Stand

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  • Brand: InstaHibit
  • Allows standing while working, transforms any sit-down desk into a standing desk, adjustable height up to 42-7/8"
  • 30.6lbs heavy duty and firmly aluminum construction, even typing fast, the main body will not shake, no need to clamp the table
  • Long-term sedentary will lead to neck and shoulder pain, a sit-stand convert desk can prevent from cervical and lumbar spondylosis
  • Adjust to your own comfortable height will help the body stretch, correct the posture, it conforms to ergonomic
  • Slide out keyboard tray can adjust the distance from the eyes to the screen, relieve eye fatigue
  • Suitable for monitors equipped with VESA(VESA size of 100x100mm or 75x75mm)
  • The maximum available size for the monitor is 24" with 100x100mm VESA
  • You can adjust the angle of monitor according to the visual field


  • Overall Dimensions: 22-3/8"L x 13-13/16"W x 42-7/8"H (57x35x109cm)
  • Keyboard Tray Size: 25-9/16"L x 13-13/16"W x 11/16"H (65x35x1.7cm)
  • Base Size: 22-3/8"Lx 13-13/16"W (57x35cm)
  • Slide Out Distance of Tray: 0-5"(0-13cm)
  • Tray Height Range: 2-9/16" to 27-15/16" (6.5-71cm)
  • VESA: 75x75 & 100x100
  • Tray Max Capacity: 44lbs
  • VESA Max Capacity: 22lbs
  • Weight: 30.6lbs

Package Content:

  • 2x Poles
  • 1x Keyboard Tray
  • 1x Base
  • 1x VESA
  • 1x Install Kit
  • 1x Manual