You Can Literally Feel Your Productivity Thanks to These Touchscreen Monitors

Do you ever work from home and find it hard to enjoy the laid-back nature of working in your boxers because your setup isn’t quite what it is at the office? Touchscreen monitors are something you don’t realize your home office needs until you don’t have them. They make your home office more convenient, and you more productive while working.

Fortunately, you don’t need a huge home office to fit a touchscreen monitor. Computer monitors come in different sizes, styles, and some are even as portable as laptops for those of you who’s office is anywhere with WiFi. And how you plan on using your touchscreen monitor will help determine what you need. You’ll want a high resolution monitor if you are gaming, but if you are using it as a second monitor to view spreadsheets, you might not need to spend the extra cash that comes with all those additional pixels.

Regardless of how you plan to use your touchscreen monitor, look for one with as many ports as possible. These should include USB, HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA – for the old-schoolers out there. A monitor with multiple ports provides connectivity options, and nothing is more frustrating than getting a touchscreen monitor that doesn’t connect to your work computer.

Below is our list of the best touchscreen monitors we found that function for work and play.

For those of you looking for a sleek touchscreen with HD resolution, this Acer monitor checks those boxes. It features a 10-point touchscreen display, which means you can use up to 10-fingers at the same time when using the display. We don’t know why you would use any more than two fingers, but hey, you do you. The Acer T272HL stretches 27 inches from edge to edge, making it one of the largest touchscreen monitors on our list. The large screen provides the space you need to put multiple windows or spreadsheets on the display at once, or it can provide the display space you want for a better gaming experience. And whether you are working or playing games on the T272HL, it is going to look sharp. The full 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution makes the content on the display look crisp, while the USB 3.0, VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports ensure you’ll be able to connect to just about any setup.

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Buy: Acer T272HL $399.99
   2. Asus VT168H

Touchscreen monitors are not cheap, but the Asus VT168H provides an affordable option for a computer monitor with touchscreen capabilities. Asus has the same 10-point touchscreen technology as the Acer T272HL, to provide precise touchscreen responsiveness. Asus even goes an extra step, though, and provides flicker-free backlighting, and a blue light filter on the display to relieve eye fatigue that comes with starting at a computer screen all day. It’s a nice feature for a touchscreen monitor as inexpensive as this one. You are probably wondering what the tradeoffs are — and there are some. The 1366 x 768 resolution is not full HD, so the contents on your display won’t be as crisp as the Acer T272HL. Hardcore gamers might want to pass on this touchscreen monitor for the lack of full HD resolution alone.

This monitor is better suited for office work, where resolution might not be as important. It’s also fairly plain looking, as far as monitors go. It has a black-matte finish, with a center stand and 15.6-inch display. So, it’s only about as big as your laptop screen, if not a little bigger. What’s nice about the size is it doesn’t take up much room, for those where home office space is a premium. The back of the 15.6 display houses an HDMI and VGA ports. Other touchscreen monitors offer more connectivity, but if all you need is a simple monitor to help extend your laptop’s display real estate, the Asus VT168H is a good value choice.

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Buy: Asus VT168H $163.99    3. Dell P2418HT

At first glance, the Dell P2418HT looks a lot like the Asus VT168H, yet twice as expensive. But once you take notice of the high resolution touch display coupled with the way the screen slides and tilts on its stand, it makes you realize the versatility of this touchscreen monitor. The articulating stand can adjust in height, tilt, and can swivel. You can have it upright in a normal position or slide it down to the ground and essentially use it like a Surface Pro. The display is equally as versatile. It features a non-glare, anti-fingerprint screen, while being responsive and accurate with its 10-point touch capabilities. And like the Asus VT168H, the display gives your eyes a rest with its flicker-free Comfortview display. Even though it is soft on the eyes, the display still boasts full HD 1080p quality.

Great for heavy multimedia work and gaming, the 24-inch screen provides you the extra display real estate for in-depth multimedia projects. It wouldn’t be our versatility pick without a handful of connectivity options, as well. The Dell P2418HT features a USB hub, HDMI, VGA, and a DisplayPort, leaving you with plenty of connectivity options. This Dell touchscreen monitor is a great option, albeit a bit more expensive than others.

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Buy: Dell P2418HT $301.94    4. GeChic 1303i

Weighing in at slightly over a pound, the GeChic 1303i is a great companion for the business traveler, or gamer on the go. The display is only 13.3 inches, as well as 10.5 millimeters thick, which allows it to easily slip in and out of standard laptop bags and backpacks, and weighs less than a MacBook Air. The matte display reduces glare while boasting full 1080p resolution. Even though it is small, it doesn’t compromise on controls or connectivity. By using the controls on the right side, you can access the menu, change color brightness and play with the temperature.

The other side of the display contains a micro HDMI port, USB, VGA, and DisplayPort. Out of the box it comes with the HDMI and power cables, but you’ll have to buy the VGA and DisplayPort cables separately. Now, the big downside is the price. You definitely pay for portability, but if that is your main priority, you’d be hard pressed to find a better portable touch display than this one.

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Buy: GeChic 1303i $329.00    5. ViewSonic 2421

Really though — who needs all ten fingers when using a touch display? Talk about fingerprint city — unless you don’t actually have to touch the screen. The ViewSonic 2421 recognizes when your hands are close enough to the screen and will react as though it is being pressed anyway. For those who don’t like the idea of finger smudges all over the touch display, this is a welcome feature. The display is also scratch resistant. That coupled with the touch-less response feature should extend the life of your monitor.

The 2-point touch display recognizes one or both hands when zooming the display in or out. You won’t be able to use an on-screen keyboard with this 2-point display, since it only recognizes two points of contact, but again, that application is something that is rarely used. Surprisingly, it does boast a set of speakers on board — according to Amazon customers they don’t sound great — but most displays don’t even attempt to add speakers, so it’s nice that the option for sound is there if so desired. Also on the back of the display are HDMI, USB, VGA, and DVI-D inputs. Now, this display only works with Windows products, so sorry for those of you out there who are on Mac. You’ll have to look somewhere else.

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Buy: ViewSonic 2421 $259.48    6. Planar PXL2430MW

The Planar PXL2430MW is a great display for those tackling multimedia projects. The 21.9-inch display coupled with the 1080p full HD display provides enough screen space for heavy multimedia use, while also providing the finite clarity that 1080P is capable of. Like the ViewSonic, it is only a 2-Point display, so you won’t be able to use a digital keyboard on the screen. Although it is lacking 10-point touchscreen capability, it does boast a stylus and a rapid 5 millisecond response time, which will provide designers the touch accuracy and response time that they will appreciate. And for those who spend countless hours in front of the computer screen (we feel you), it features blue light reduction technology to help combat eye fatigue.

The Planar display provides plenty of connectivity options — which is expected and appreciated from a touchscreen geared towards multimedia. You’ll find DVI-D, HDMI, and USB ports on the display. As for getting this display ready to use, you pretty much just need to plug it in and turn it on. Right out of the box the colors look great without any configuration needed. Anyone who needs a touchscreen display for multimedia use will appreciate this display. 

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Buy: Planar PXL2430MW $218.49    7. HP Business E230

The display is so clear that this could be used for gaming as well, but HP optimized this touchscreen display so home 9-5ers can get the most out of their office setup. The display features anti-glare technology so weird lighting won’t blur out your screen. The screen also helps reduce fingerprints, so you won’t need to worry about nasty little smudges from touching the screen. The display itself is sleek, boasting a slim bevel on three sides to maximize your screen real estate. To boast its office superiority, the HP touchscreen monitor features an HDMI, VGA, and three USB 3.0 ports. There really isn’t any lack of connectivity for devices. According to user reviews, it is recommended to optimize the touchscreen as soon as you get it out of the box for best results. Some users had to troubleshoot this device to get accurate responsiveness, but for the most part, those negative reviews are few and far between. You and your home office will appreciate this monitor upgrade.

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