Want to keep yourself away from the heatwave and get some extra air? The wall-mounted fans are just what you need to install in your room

These are very powerful, as a result, makes the room pretty airy. You get to cool your body down and the air is extremely satisfying. Keeping all the factors in our mind, only the recommended wall mounted fans are reviewed. Now just choose a spot on the wall, locate the best angle and install it. These fans will be a savior when the heat is beyond bearable.

What are the other benefits that you can enjoy? Well, you can read all the points to know more about the products and the specialties.
The Best Wall Mounted Fans to Buy in 2019 10. Air King 9018 Wall Mount Fan

This is really the king of the wall-mount fans. Containing as many as 5 blades, it is able to spread the wind, and cover a much larger surface area. The fan is powerful enough to suit commercial purposes. You can use it in classrooms, stores, or office places with ease. It proves quite effective in any place, whether commercial or personal.

As a matter of fact, the fan is able to either remain in a fixed position or oscillate, to suit your preferences. It features an R-type cord it has a 90-degrees oscillation. However, you can certainly lock it in a non-oscillating position for a better experience.

Key Features: 
This piece goes through various tests in order to give you the best of everything. It has the official approval of both ETL, as well as OSHA. You do not need to worry about oiling or any kind of lubrication for this fan. It comes with permanent lubrication. So, there is no need to take it off the wall and take special care of it. 9. Lorell LLR49256 Wall Mount Fan

From the very beginning upon its arrival, till the end, this fan always has your back. Assembly is necessary for this simple classic fan. For the very purpose, Lorell has offers you all the mounting hardware that you may ever need with the package. Not only that, but the product also comes with a 5’ power cord.

Besides, this also has ETL and CETL approval, assuring you of the incredible quality of the product. The only thing to keep in mind is, you need to mount it on a wooden or metal support.

Key Features: 
A simple single pull chain gets the fan running without any complications. You have the choice to pick from 3-speed settings. Thus, you do not have to chill down to your bones or burn and stay uncomfortable unnecessarily. The special design offers its utmost durability. 8. Hydrofarm ACF16 Wall Mount Fan

This fan is unlike any other on the market. Not only does it make your day windy, but it even helps your plants. It has a special function to help you make your plants grow faster. The fan works to maintain the right amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

With the timer and the CO2 system in the fan, the item maintains the CO2 levels. It even provides extra CO2 if necessary, in order to help your plants grow to their optimum condition. Besides, it also comes with a power cord as an extra advantage.

Key Features: 
Makes almost near to no sound, offering you a quiet and peaceful experience. Comes with two different pull chains. One alters the speed of the fan, while others give you the choice to change the direction. Has a unique feature of autopilot CO2 desktop monitor. This monitors the humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels, with the advantage of data storage. 7. OEM Tools 24883 Fan

This huge 24-inch fan is great for indoor purposes. You can use it in office spaces, or the personal space easily. Being this large in size, reaching out to every corner of a wider room is no big deal for this wall-mounted fan. A 90-degree oscillation allows you to suit it to your preferred position. Besides, the power cord that it comes with also has UL listing. Thus, any concern about the quality is immediately driven away.

One can just assemble it in just a matter of a few minutes and the 3-speed setting will provide all the flexibility.

Key Features: 
It uses aluminum for the construction of the blades of these fans. Aluminum proves extremely sturdy and long-lasting. The fan is energy efficient. Therefore, will save a lot of amounts. The motor allows three speeds. Although, the motor has a special design in order to be able to control the airflow volume. 6.Simple Deluxe Wall Mount Fan

This fan comes with steel construction for its neck. Needless to say, not only does it prove to be extremely durable but absolutely rustproof. Since the fan operates on two pull strings, it keeps your skin away from the moving, dangerous parts. Not only does the fan provide various modes of speed, but other adjusting positions as well.

It has a separate tilting function, to adjust the fan to the desired vertical height. Further, it also has an oscillating function which takes care of every corner of the room.

Key Features: 
ABS plastic composing the fan blades can be used for a very long time. Being plastic, it obviously does not have any rusting and is surely waterproof as well. The fan operates almost without any noise. You can enjoy a silent and peaceful day without the loud blade or motor sounds. 5. Lasko High Velocity QuickMount Fan

If you cannot make up your mind on whether to get a floor fan or a wall fan; If you do not prefer the rigidity of being able to use it on only one surface, then Lasko has answered your prayers. This fan can be easily used on the floor or on the wall as you prefer. Just settle it on the floor to use it as it is.

Mounting is also absolutely hassle-free with the easy mount. The fan easily converts from one to the other. Moreover, rubber pads are provided as a plus in order to protect your floor from any scratches.

Key Features: 
Absolutely no tools are required in order to mount this fan on the wall. A very thoughtful addition of a handle is made on the fan. This enables you to easily carry the fan from one place to another. Has a very sturdy construction for using it for decades. 4. Maxx Air HVWM UPS Fan

With its Texas origin, you can rely on this fan for any surrounding. Vouching to be durable, it is best for industrial or commercial purposes. Fans basically run on motors, and that is why it’s motor has a special design.

The PSC motor remains in an enclosure and is dustproof. As a matter of fact, it is highly energy efficient. Thus, the optimum performance is given to you without any hike in your electricity bill. Although it is best for commercial purposes, you can easily get it for your personal use as well. Finally, the adjustable tilt head will never let you feel short of air.

Key Features: 
A simple hanging bar, which comes with the product easily attaches the fan to a wall. You can also use it as a ceiling fan. The velocity of this fan is exceptional to serve a large surface area easily. 3. Tornado Digital Wall Mount Fan

Quality has been the top priority during the construction of this fan. It thus has ABS material in order to craft this item. The superior quality material makes sure that the fan is sturdy, as well as break-resistant. Therefore, look for a long association with this fragment of a tornado.

Even the bearing is absolutely trouble-free, and oil-free, the best that you could have found in the market. However, the extreme oscillating angles will never let you feel warm. Most importantly, the automatic shut-off feature will keep your fan shut if installed incorrectly.

Key Features: 
The remote control has an exceptional coverage range. It is able to work from a distance of twenty feet. You do not have to worry about the reliability of the product. It certainly would not just pop out of the wall all of a sudden. It comes with certification from the ETL list. Highly durable, a heavy-duty product that is even portable. 2. NewAir Wall Mount Fan

For those who hate the fan taking up too much space and appearing standoffish, then this should be your choice. Having a slim design, the wall mount fan occupies minimal space. Moreover, with a balanced and extremely flexible pivot, you can almost move, rotate and tilt it to any direction you can imagine.

Besides, two balls bearing motor design really makes a difference. The motor proves to be far superior to most fans on the market and happens to be extremely durable, working for ages to come.

Key Features: 
As we know, the motor is the most important part of a fan. Thus, NewAir provides you with a motor covering to keep it safe. You do not need to spend any extra cash on this after the purchase. The item comes with all the mounting hardware required to mount this fan trouble-free. This industrial fan produces as high as 3,000 cfm of power. 1. Hurricane 736565 Fan

These fans stand true to their name. They imitate the figure 8 rotating pattern in order to ensure that the wind is uniform well spread. The fan has a sleek design, with a green LED display. This is easy to operate and looks great too.

Although the usual pattern is of figure 8, you can get additional patterns. You can choose the pattern to suit your needs, and you can count on a pleasurable time. As a matter of fact, it contains a special feature of natural wind pattern. This particular feature imitates the original slowing up and a sudden gust of wind as you would experience in a field.

Key Features: 
Comes with a one of a kind remote. These remote controls every hurricane 8 fans, no matter how many in number. It also has a timer, to set the duration you want the fan to work, when you snooze off the cooling breeze. It certainly features 3 different speeds as well as oscillation.
During the hottest summers, you need to keep yourself cool all the time. The powerful wall mount fans will make the unbearable moment bearable.

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