Top 10 Best 20 Gallon Fish Tanks in 2020 Reviews

Keep your gecko or fish safe inside the best 20 gallon fish tank. It is a small aquarium that holds a variety of marine life. Nowadays, you can get a compact design that works well in any indoor setting. Others even come with filters, fish food, and more accessories to keep your pet extra safe. They can eat and move around comfortably for that healthy and comfortable basking. In this article, we have the best 20 gallon fish tanks in 2020.

List Of Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews in 2020:

Preview Product
Perfecto All Glass Aquarium Tank44; 20 Gallon
Cubey JBJ 20 Gallon Black Aquarium
Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit, Includes LED Lighting and Decor
Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit, 20 gallon
Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit, Includes LED Lighting and Decor
Tetra Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Kit 20 Gallons, Aquarium With Filter And Heating Lamps
Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand - for 20 Gallon Aquariums, 24.75 in
Marina Aquarium Kit - 20 gallon Fish Tank - LED
Marineland Contour 3 aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Rounded Glass Corners, Includes LED Lighting
GloFish 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lights, Decor Heater and Filter

#10 20 Gallon Fish Tank Perfecto All Glass Aquarium Tank44

#10 Perfecto All Glass Aquarium Tank44

By: Perfecto

  • Features:
  • Foam filling at the corners
  • Inflated bags at the sides, bottom, and top
  • 20-gallon capacity
  • Quality glass material
  • Ergonomic structure

Buying a new product that comes damaged due to poor packaging is a letdown.The Perfecto tank44 has foam filing at the corners for maximum protection. Not only that, but the sides, bottom, and top have inflated bags to give you a simple unwrapping process. Another thing is the overall capacity of this item. It accommodates up to 20 gallons of water for you to keep your fish safe.

Made from quality glass, it does not break, crack, or chip. That means an extended use and minimal to zero maintenance. Whats more, an ergonomic structure is perfect for holding leopard geckos and fish to suit your preferences. Although some users feel that it is a bit taller to host geckos, it works as expected.

#9 Cubey JBJ 20 Gallon Durable Black Aquarium

#9 Cubey JBJ 20 Gallon Durable Black Aquarium

By: Cubey


  • Black
  • High-clarity glass
  • LED lighting system
  • Six color settings
  • Touch controls

Cubey has joined the leading brands that make quality aquariums. This one has a lovely black finish with high clarity glass. The two elements work well together to bring out a stylish and modern feel into any indoor setting. The glass measures 18.26 inches long x 16.25 inches wide x 18.70 inches high. Also, you can control the filtration as well as the LED lighting system. Pick a level that gives your marine life maximum comfort at all times. In addition, this gadget has a clean-looking tank that holds up to 20 gallons. Use it for reef tanks or fish system for the best service.

This best 20 gallon fish tank LED light has a 20-watt power system. They light up quickly to keep your water friends warm, especially during a cold day. Not only that, but also the front part had easy to use touch controls to dim the light. Note that there are seven levels of brightness and six color settings. They include all blue, all white, all red, and three combinations. With a 3-stage filtration, it incorporates the ceramic rings, activated carbon, and mechanical sponges. It comes with a 16-watt pump with 264gph for added user convenience.

#8 Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

#8 Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

By: Tetra


  • 20 gallons
  • Filter heater
  • LED hood
  • Artificial plants
  • Boxwood Plant Mat

The outstanding feature of this best 20 gallon fish tank is the filter heater. It helps keep your pets safe at all times while providing a safe resting ground. Constructed from durable glass, it is scratch and rust-resistant. The other materials tend to fade or break after some time leading to unplanned repairs. Moreover, an LED hood comes in handy to deliver a natural daytime effect. Plus, the Whisper Filter gives a dependable and powerful water flow. It does this quietly and safely to enhance a smooth operation.

We love the included artificial plants which add a natural ocean feel. At the same time, they provide the fish a hiding place to reduce stress and discomfort. Measuring 24.2 inches long x 12.4 inches wide x 16.7 inches tall, placing this item is super easy. It does not take too much space as it improves the rooms decor and feel. Additional features include one artificial Boxwood Plant Mat for you to add gravel to complete the look.

#7 Aqueon LED Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank

#7 Aqueon LED Aquarium 20H Black

By: Aqueon 20 Gallon Fish Tanks


  • Low profile LED hood
  • 100W preset heater
  • Premium fish food
  • Water conditioner
  • Stick-on thermometer

The Aqueon fish tank brings a lovely water environment to life. Its low profile hood contains a cool LED lighting to deliver a vibrant white color. Also, it makes the whole set stand out from the rest. With a QuietFlow PRO power filter, it contains a red LED lighting which flashes when the time to change your cartridge arrives. That eliminates guess-work, which needs extra care and attention. Whats more, the 100-watt Preset heater keeps your units temperature at a consistent 78 degrees suitable for most tropical fish.

In addition, you can go through the setup guide to finish the installation quickly and easily. A water conditioner and stick-on thermometer let you know if the water is appropriate for yore fish. You can monitor them more easily without hiring experts. And when you finish the setup and place your fish, you can include the premium fish food. That will keep them healthy for an extended time.

#6 Tetra 20 Gallon Fish Tank Complete Aquarium

#6 Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium

By: Tetra


  • Color Fusion LED
  • One aquarium hood
  • Tetra Whisper 20 Filter
  • UL Heater
  • 2 Wonderland Plant Multipacks

The size of any fish tank matters a lot when o comes to marine life comfort. With this one from the Tetra company, it has an ideal measurement to accommodate multiple items. It measures 24.2 long x 12.4 wide x 16.7 high to fit in a variety of small to medium-sized locations. A bonus is the cool LED lighting system that transforms your accessory into a lovely style as each color changes. You can pause any color cycle for a customizable operation.

The anemones sway with the filter current to provide your fish a hiding and relaxing place. Not only that but also, the Tetra plants look more real as the Color Fusion LED glows. This best 20 gallon fish tank ensures you have an easy setup with a variety of accessories. For instance, you will get one aquarium hood, Tetra Whisper 20 Filter, a UL Heater, a Color Fusion LED, 2 Wonderland Plant Multipacks, and more.

#5 Tetra Aquarium Reptile Glass Kit 20 Gallon Fish Tank

#5 Tetra Aquarium Reptile Glass Kit

By: Tetra


  • Two dome lamps
  • Decorative filter cartridges
  • Heating lamps and basking platform
  • Boxwood plant mat
  • ReptoMin Food Stick

Why not improve marine life stay and comfortable with this aquarium? It comes with two dome lamps integrated into the screen above your unit. They help provide warmth for your fish to enjoy prime basking. No more worries about low temperatures, especially during the cold days. Another thing is the decorative filter cartridges to improve water quality. Also, the heating lamps and basking platform give your marine fiends better relaxation. This fish house measures 30 inches long x 12 inches wide x 12 inches long to provide easy installation.

Moreover, the screen top and boxwood plant mat make the whole setting feel more authentic. You can set up the ReptoFilter to create a lovely basking spot and waterfall for three-stage filtration. In addition, you get Aqua-safe samples and ReptoMin Food Stick for more user convenience. Let your reptile relax while eating the Baby Floating food in safe lighting. This accessory acts as a focal point in any place thanks to its attractive structure.

#4 Imagitarium Newport With Wooden Tank Stand

#4 Imagitarium Newport With Wooden Tank Stand

By: Imagitarium


  • 20 gallons
  • Wooden tank stand
  • Clean, modern design
  • Clear directions
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Protective nylon material

The many brands that make quality aquariums some are too pricey, while others are quite affordable. If you want the best 20 gallon fish tank that has a cost-friendly design, you have found it. This Imagitarium is cheaper than most brands but delivers a reliable service. Boasting of a wooden tank stand, it is sturdy and easy to maintain. Not only that, but also the finishing adds natural appeal in any indoor place. With a clean, modern construction, this item is perfect for all areas that keep your marine friend safe.

There is no need to worry about the installation process. This item has a manual that gives you easy-to-follow directions to make the setup a breeze. Also, adjustable leveling feet keep the whole unit steady for an extended time. Note that the leg is encased in protective nylon for more durability as well as appeal. Use this gadget to surprise a loved one who has fish at home.

#3 Marina LED Aquarium Kit 20 Gallon Fish Tanks

#3 Marina LED Aquarium Kit

By: Marina 20 Gallon Fish Tanks


  • 16.5 inches high
  • S20 clip-on filter
  • Filter cartridges
  • Fluval Max fish food
  • Fluval water conditioner

Just like its name, this Marina aquarium kit is perfect for most marine life, such as fish. Measuring 24 inches long x 12.5 inches wide x 16.5 inches high, it is compact and stable. Place it on an area with the least disturbance or traffic for the best results. In addition, the S20 clip-on filter is slim and sturdy to allow easy installation. Note that the filter cartridges are convenient when performing a quick change. Not only to refreshes the water but also keep your marine life comfortable.

Boasting of a 20-gallon size, this housing accommodates a variety of fish. Choose the type that meets your needs, such as goldfish and much more. We love the LED lighting module with a daylight setting. It brings out a natural and longlasting lighting effect to suit most ambiance. Besides, the provided Fluval Max food keeps your fish healthy. Make the tap water safer for your animals by using the Fluval water conditioner.

#2 MarineLand Aquarium Kit Contour Glass with Rail Light

#2 MarineLand Aquarium Kit Contour Glass with Rail Light

By: MarineLand 20 Gallon Fish Tanks


  • Stylish and sturdy finish
  • Moonlight and Daylight LED settings
  • Manual and rail light
  • RITE-SIZE filter cartridge
  • Adjustable flow pump

We understand keeping your fish safe is important to extend their life. Thats why this best 20 gallon fish tank has an ergonomic design suitable for marine. Its stylish and sturdy finish can withstand excessive water pressure. You can now use a reliable item that needs minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the LED lighting system features moonlight and daylight settings. Pick one that suits the ambiance and gives your marine friend total relaxation.

It is easy to use this item, thanks to the provided manual and a rail light. Place it on a location that you desire effortlessly without taking too much room. Moreover, a concealed 3-step filtration with RITE-SIZE filter cartridge and adjustable flow pump. Ensure you adjust the pressure to prevent discomfort to your fish.

#1 GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish 20 Gallon Fish Tanks

#1 GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank

By: GloFish 20 Gallon Fish Tanks


  • 20 gallons
  • Glass aquarium
  • Tetra Whisper 20 filter
  • Tetra mini UL heater
  • Fish food sample

This GloFish best 20 gallon fish tank has all the essentials to keep your fish safe. With a glass aquarium, you can watch your fish swim about effortlessly. Also, an LED hood, Tetra Whisper 20 filter, Tetra mini UL heater, and 3 LED light stick offers more user convenience. Note that the 2 plant multipacks, 1 GloFish yellow anemone, water conditioner, and fish food sample improves the setup process. You can follow the installation guide with how-to information details. Besides, the blue lightly transforms this unit into a colorful neon display.

Measuring 24.2 inches long x 12.5 inches wide x 16.2 inches high, it is the appropriate size to keep your marine friend. Also, you can place it in a small location. Whats more, you can complete the overall look with the different colors, and plant sizes included.

Key considerations when buying the best 20 gallon fish tank:


The first thing to check is the overall size of the fish tank. It should be large enough to accommodate your fish or gecko without limiting their movement. Also, the dimension will give you a rough idea about the placement setting.

Additional Features

Make sure you check if the provider has included extra aquarium accessories. Most provide a sturdy glass aquarium, filter, UL heater, fish food, and even a manual to give you a simple setup.


Check out our list above and pick one of the best 20 gallon fish tanks in 2020. They are made from quality material, including a sturdy glass tank. It does not shatter or crack under high water pressure to give your fish a safe living ground. Also, when you purchase the best 20 gallon fish tank, maintenance is a breeze.

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