The 15 Best Watches Under $1,000 [2020 Buying Guide]

A mans watch can be a statement design piece as well as a practical gadget. With a plethora of watches to choose from, it can be difficult to discover the perfect watch for everyday wear.

Fortunately, weve researched and picked out the top 15 watches under $1,000 so you can always remain stylish and on the ball without looking like youre trying too hard.

So, whether youll still be in the office at 8pm or attending a romantic dinner, youre bound to find the perfect watch for your lifestyle from the list below.

Choosing a Watch Quartz vs. Kinetic


Most high-quality watches use a Quartz movement. Since the 1970s, Quartz has been the most popular way to track time, and the cheapest to produce.

A Quartz watch is powered by a battery and is constructed simply, and youll typically get the choice between a digital display or traditional face.

Quartz watches are accurate at tracking time, and because they dont require moving parts, theyre generally more durable than manual or automatic watches.

Quartz watches are lighter and slimmer than mechanical watches, making them more comfortable to wear.


Alternatively, a Kinetic watch charges as you wear it, and it contains features of a Quarts and mechanical design.

These self-charging watches feature a small mechanism on the back that spins as you wear the watch. This spinning motion converts into electrical energy which is then store in the battery to power the watch.

Kinetic watches feature a Quartz crystal in its design, so when the electrical energy passes through the crystal, this creates a vibration to allow the timepiece to consistently measure time accurately.

Since Kinetic watches use a mechanical movement combined with a Quartz quality, they operate like an automatic watch as they dont require manual winding, while they keep a consistent track of time with the Quartz quality.

Some Kinetic watches can go into sleep mode when you dont wear it, to save the battery, and can still tell the time four years later. However, when its time to replace the batteries, this can be an expensive task.

Top 15 Best Watches Under $1,000

Now its time to reveal our list of the top 15 watches for men. To collate this list, weve only included watches that are versatile enough to be worn both at the office and when youre out at night.

Each watch in this roundup has a unique quality that sets it apart from the average watch on the market. Weve only selected reputable brands, so youll be purchasing a trusted piece of jewelry.

1. Bulova Chronograph Precisionist Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch


You can place this Bulova mens watch up to 300m of water, and itll continue working when you lift it out, without having to remove any moisture. This unique quality makes it the perfect watch for swimmers or those who wish to shower wearing their jewelry.

Its stainless-steel bracelet makes this watch a standout piece to add an essence of luxury to your day. Bulova incorporated accents such as blue detailing on the hands and text to provide a subtle sophistication.

2. Hamilton Khaki ETO Stainless Steel Watch

Hamilton Men's H77612333 Khaki ETO Stainless Steel Watch with Black Rubber Band


Hamilton designed this watch with a date window at 6 oclock, along with sweeping second hands for mini seconds, so youll never be late again. This watch is also practical as its also water resistant up to 100m of water.

Built with luminous hands, youll never struggle seeing the time again, and the rubber strap ensures this watch is comfortable to wear for hours at a time, making it suitable for busy lifestyles.

3. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Black Dial Watch


This stainless-steel watch features a date display at the six oclock position and two 60-second hands plus subdials. Tag Heuer designed this watch with a scratch-resistant coating, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Its sporty style provides the perfect combination between luxury and practicality. The round case shape ensures this piece of jewelry is modern, too, and the fold-over safety release clasp provides additional safety. Plus, with luminous hands and markers, you dont have to worry about not properly seeing the time in low-light conditions.

4. Hamilton Pilot Automatic Black Dial Watch


Hamilton designed this stainless-steel watch to resemble a bracelet with all the benefits of a watch. The luminescent hands and markers provide easy vision in a dark environment. At the six oclock position, you can keep track of the date, which is ideal if youre a businessman and need to document times and dates on the go.

Our favorite feature of this watch is the 80-hour power reserve and the scratch-resistant coating. This coating keeps the watch in tip-top condition while you continue leading a busy life.

5. Rado Mens R20787162 Integral Watch

Rado Men's R20787162 Integral Watch

If youre searching for an unusual, extraordinary mens watch, look no further than this piece of jewelry by Rado. Its square face perfectly complements the gold tone ceramic case and bracelet to create a striking finish.

Its gold-toned hands coincide with the detailing along the watchs frame to exude sophistication and luxury. However, the watch isnt too overpowering, but remains simple and stylish. Its definitely ideal for a special occasion or to match with your favorite attire.

6. Longines HydroConquest Automatic Blue Dial Mens Watch


This watch is perfect for the man on the go. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal can keep up with a busy lifestyle and ensure you can get from one meeting to a conference without worrying itll damage along the journey.

You can also use this piece of jewelry in water up to 300 meters, which is perfect for washing your hands and showering without having to remove the watch.

7. Mens Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Freedom Watch

Men's Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Freedom Watch CC3038-51E


Stand out from the crowd with this stunning mens watch, styled with blue accents and a black dial. Unlike most of the above options, this stainless-steel watch is best suited for daily wear as it carries a relaxed vibe with no gold or silver detailing.

Citizen designed this watch with high-quality materials such as a Quartz movement to accurately keep track of time. You can also immerse the watch in water up to 100 meters and itll continue working with no issues.

8. Hamilton Mens H24411732 Ventura Stainless Steel Watch

Hamilton Mens H24411732 Ventura Stainless Steel Watch with Black Leather Band


This is another of the best mens watches on the market right now. From a first glance, you want to look again and observe its asymmetric case and striking edges that provide a sophisticated look for a man who loves fashion.

Its a timeless classic without looking pompous. The slim dot-and-stick markers add a sense of delicacy to the watch, which combine perfectly with the diamond-like markers.

9. Rado Mens R20784159 Integral Black Dial Platinum Ceramic Watch

Rado Men's R20784159 Integral Black Dial Platinum Ceramic Watch


This watch by Rado can take you from a 9am meeting to a 9pm party. Its perfectly cut and designed to look luxurious, and the contrast between black and silver provides a beautiful appearance without looking too overpowering.

Although this watch is designed to look the part, it carries a sense of practicality, thanks to its water-resistance that allows you to splash the watch with water without any concerns.

10. Apple Watch Series 5


Every serious businessman needs an Apple Watch in his life. This particular series provides you with all the essential information you need, such as presenting the time and gathering important information at your convenience.

If youre the type of person to be on the treadmill after a look day at work but will be running around the office the next day, this Apple Watch Series 5 can keep up with your activities. For example, itll check your heart rate and monitor workouts, while allowing you to read important texts and e-mails on the go.

11. Seiko Prospex Diver Watch Mechanical Self-Winding

SEIKO PROSPEX diver watch mechanical self-winding (with manual winding) Waterproof 200m SBDC051 Japan Import


This watch by Seiko is made of titanium with an all-black coating. With a lightweight material, its perfect for a busy man always running errands. It looks stunning, although it remains practical and effortless to wear. For example, the clasp comes equipped with two pushes for a quick release, and you can even wear it over your suit in the rain.

Seiko appreciate that visibility is important in a watch. Therefore, the 60-minute marker features a luminous dot for excellent visibility in poor lighting. Seiko used their own LumiBrite material for better visibility while providing a stylish touch.

12. Tissot Mens T0864081605100 Luxury Analog Display Watch

Tissot Men's T0864081605100 Luxury Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black Watch


Compared to the other watches on this list, this Tissot watch carries a simpler design. Its a much more toned-down accessory that remains practical and to the point. For example, the calfskin leather band is more about comfort than style.

The wide 22mm band and large face ensures youll never be late again, and it also only weighs 2.88 ounces to remain comfortable on your wrist.

13. Citizen Mens Eco-Drive Signature Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Signature Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch, BL5460-00E


Want to own a watch thats powered by light and doesnt ever need a battery? Citizen designed this mens watch thats easy to run, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

The dual-coated anti-reflective sapphire glass crystal ensures the watch can always obtain solar energy, while keeping it looking stylish and luxurious. You can also wear the watch in water up to 100m.

14. Seiko Mens Automatic Presage Black Leather Strap Watch


Seiko designed this watch to last throughout all weather and occasions. The robust stainless-steel casing protects the watch at all times, while the elegant dial and frame perfectly balances out the watch.

To keep things practical, Seiko created this piece of jewelry with a light blue multifunction with power reserve indicator so youre always aware of when the battery needs replacing.

15. Movado Mens Swiss Collection Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch


Finally, this Movado mens watch is simple and strikingly stylish. Its pure black face mixed with the sharp silver handles show that this watch isnt for the light-hearted, but for the fierce business man.

At the bottom of the face, youll see the Swiss Collection name clearly displayed on the watch to further enhance its luxury. Upscale your watch game and take the stress out of deciding on an outfit choice with a watch such as this one.

Which Is Your Favorite Pick?

We hope you enjoyed the top 15 mens watches, and theres something for everyone from the above selections. If we could only recommend one watch, itd be theBulova Chronograph Precisionist, for many reasons.

It has a rugged masculine design and is water resistant up to 300 meters. It has a tough stainless-steel bracelet and intricate blue detailing on the hands.

Have any of the above selections caught your eye? Dont forget to share this article with friends to keep them inspired for their next watch-shopping venture.

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