Pout Launches Eyes 9 Single: The Sleek, All-in-One Charging Desk Station

Pout Eyes 9 Single CES Stand and Charging Hub

Pout, the South Korean desk-terior design guru, has just launched the latest product in its line of minimalist products. The Eyes 9 Single conquers the disorganized desk space with something much sleeker. So if youre currently in the process of decluttering your desk, you might want to check out the Eyes 9 Single.

At first glance, the Eyes 9 Single looks like a typical stand for your computer monitor. While it does consist of just a stand, this stand is made with modern wood that raises your monitor to the most comfortable height. This helps you maintain good posture while using your computer. Not to mention that the stand is conveniently designed to hide your keyboard and mouse.

The stand itself isnt the only noteworthy aspect of the Eyes 9 Singleits charging capabilities make it more than just a piece of furniture. If you have a phone that supports wireless charging, you can simply place it on the 10W charging pad thats located on the side of the stand. Your phone will immediately start charging, making it easier for you to keep all of your tech in one place. Plus, it eliminates the need for a charging cable, which can quickly clutter up your workspace.

Want even more features right on your desk? The Eyes 9 Single boasts four USB 3.0 hubs that you can use to connect your phones, cameras, flash drives, and any other USB 3.0 devices. When these ports are right on your monitor stand, you wont have to struggle to find the USB ports on your computer tower or on the back of your monitor.

Pouts Eyes 9 Single isnt out just yet, but its set to officially release in spring 2020. Dont lose hope if your desk looks like a mess. Soon, the Eyes 9 Single will swoop in to organize your computer space. This makes a great addition to your desk, both for style and usefulness.

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