Positives about Quarantining

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Beyond the horrific pandemic sweeping the world, I’ve been dealing with some personal stress and anxieties as well. HOWEVER, we’re going to be focusing on the positive here.

I wanted to highlight things that I’ve enjoyed while being home quarantined with my boyfriend.

Getting to wake up later and take my time with my workout/yoga

Without having to go physically to work, I don’t have to worry about having time to do my hair and makeup. So instead of my usual wake up time of 5AM, out of the house by 5:15AM, I can wake up around 7, have time for my 28 minute SWEAT workout (shoutout to Kayla Itsines) or yoga (shoutout to Boho Beautiful) and time to shower and still be able to sit at my desk and be ready to work at 8AM.

Getting to spend way more time with my two sons

My two sons are actually cats that I did not give birth to. Haha. They’ve already gotten used to our new schedule! They wait for me outside of the shower and accompany me by laying under my desk while I work. They know that noon is time for their treats and that 5PM is time for dinner. They’re so cute and I love the chance to pet and cuddle them anytime I need a quick 5 minute break from work.
*I would have included my boyfriend on this t00, but coincidentally we actually work at the same company so I’m pretty much spending the same amount of time with him (although very grateful for that either way!)

Making a homemade lunch every day

When I actually went to work I normally brought leftovers of the dinner from the night before and had Chipotle every Friday, but now that I’m home I can be a little more creative with my lunches! My boyfriend and I have particularly been enjoying grilled cheeses made with Dave’s Killer Bread and slices of avocado added in and BLT’s with slices of avocado on top! This is actually not an ad for avocados, I just really love them, okay.

Less distractions

I guess this really depends on the person. I work in sales so in my office all the people around me and myself are on the phone all day. Listening to other people’s conversations can be distracting, and of course, you socialize with your coworkers! Being at home takes away some of these distractions for me and allows me to concentrate on all of my own individual tasks. I also just got a monitor and laptop stand to really make my at-home office more functional.

My new dress code

I actually did enjoy getting dressed up and ready for work each morning. I do genuinely like doing my hair and makeup. But it is really nice to have a break from that now. I haven’t worn makeup in 3 weeks now, and I actually think it’s been great for my skin. I love being able to just throw a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt on every day and be ready for my day without much preparation!

Those are just some of the things I’ve actually enjoyed about being stuck inside my apartment. It certainly doesn’t mean I’m not struggling… I think we all are. These are truly unprecedented times and I’ve been having extreme anxiety over the situation as a whole. However, I’m choosing to focus on the fact that I’m doing my part in trying to help this. I’m staying home and that’s what I can do to help right now. I am grateful for my health now and the health of my boyfriend and family and friends.

Stay safe and try not to dwell on the huge negative here, and instead try to see the small positivities.