Mutiflexstand Universal Smartphone Mount Gives You the Perfect Spot to Place Your Mobile Device

If you’ve been taking your laptop to the park to get some much-needed vitamin D (as well as a change of scenery), you’ll immediately see the value of the Multiflexstand Universal Smartphone Mount. It’s a slim aluminum device holder that adheres to the side or top of your laptop, giving you a place to put your phone while working.

With your smartphone or tablet magnetically held to the Multiflexstand (MFS) arm, you can then use your device as a second display, or simply keep it in sight as a separate area to keep up with tweets, video calls, and other notifications. The MFS comes with two magnets, so if you don’t have a case that is compatible with magnetic mounts, you can easily make it one. Able to hold a device measuring up to 8″ and weighing up to one and a half pounds, the MFS folds completely out of the way when not in use, and its design won’t make your laptop look like some Frankenstein experiment.

The magnet that will hold your device has a protective sponge attached so it won’t mar its finish, and the MFS securely attaches to your laptop with 3M tape.

You can even get one to use on your monitor at home if you aren’t already using a charging stand. Speaking of charging, you’ll be able to easily attach a cable to your phone or tablet, as there is no holster to work around.

The Mutiflexstand Universal Smartphone Mount sells for €17 (about $20), and it includes the two free mounting magnets as well as free shipping; you can order this ingenious mount directly from the manufacturer.