Keep cold away from your hands by using one of the best rechargeable hand warmers in the market

It is a handy little gadget with a reusable battery that provides a safe warmth on the hands. Also, you can pick a heat level that suits your application. In this article, we review the best rechargeable hand warmers in 2020.

Here Are The Top Rechargeable Hand Warmers


BigBlue Rechargeable 3-in-1 6000mAh Hand Warmer, Electric Reusable Hand Warmer with Emergency Light...

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Zippo Black HeatBank 9s Rechargeale Hand Warmer

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Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmers 5200mAh Electric Power Bank, Double-Sided Heating Portable USB...

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HomeLifairy 2 in 1 Hand Warmers Rechargeable,9000 mAh Larger Capacity,Electric Portable Pocket Hand...

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Senlleo Hand Warmer, Rechargeable Hand Warmer : 5200mAh Battery Hand Warmer/Powerbank with Mini...

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Balhvit Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 6400mAh Electric Hand Warmers Pocket Power Bank, Heat Therapy Hand...

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AOMAIS Hand Warmer Rechargeable, Electric Portable USB Hand Warmers & Reusable Pocket 5200mAh Power...

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Homitt Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 6700mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand Warmers/Power Bank,...

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#8. BigBlue Rechargeable Hand Warmer Camping Heater

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By: BigBlue

The BigBlue hand warmer is the perfect solution to keep your hands cozy for an extended time. With two heat settings and double-sided heating, you can enjoy a safe warmth indoors or outdoors. Also, the fast heat-up time takes about 30 seconds for instant use, especially in hiking, sporting, fishing, camping, or skiing adventures. Another thing is a 6000mAh battery that can be reused for many times. At the same time, it charges your Samsung device, iPod, iPhone, tablet, portable game consoles, GoPro cameras, and also MP4 players. To light up dark corners, use it as an emergency light.

We love the advanced construction of this machine to warm the hands and also offer pain relief. If you have wrist arthritis or joint aches, this handy little gadget soothes the achy areas. For the ladies, it minimizes menstrual cramps, which eliminates the need for swallowing pills. Additionally, an intelligent chip offers maximum safety together with the radiation-free and explosion-proof functions. This is a stylish and useful gift for Christmas and also the winter season. The smooth edge lets you enjoy a secure holding and heat transmission.

We recommend this because...

Helps keep the hands cozy for long hours
Its heats up in 30 seconds for an instant use
Charges Samsung device, iPod, and more devices
With a smooth edge, your hold is secure
Relives wrist arthritis and joint pains

#7. Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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By: Zippo

Zippo is not a new brand and has multiple gadgets for indoor and outdoor use. This hand warmer can be used at home or for travel to suit various applications. Also, it’s compact and lightweight to allow carrying to hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing trips. Simply slide it inside your purse or bag to keep your hand cozy when needed. Moreover, this gadget is among the best rechargeable hand warmers because of its USB compatibility. You can charge your MP3 player, cameras, mobile phone or tablet quickly. Plus, the heat and battery indicators come n handy for you to monitor the remaining charge or charging status.

For maximum flexibility, choose one of the six heat settings to enjoy a customized use. Note that the temperatures heat up to 50 degrees Celsius to suit various warmth requirements. Now you have a tool that keeps cold away during the winter season for the hands to stay warm. Also, this machine’s rechargeable 5200mAh battery supplies a lasting service up to 9 hours on average run time.

We recommend this because...

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Compact and lightweight design makes portability a breeze
Its high capacity battery charges other devices like a camera and MP3 player
Comes with six heat settings for a customized operation
The cell can last up to 9 hours

#6. Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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By: Letouch

This pebbles hand warmer is easy to use for teens and also adults. It can warm the hands quickly, thanks to the double-side heating mechanism. Not only that but also the temperature levels are between 40 to 45℃. Choose a degree from the three temp choices to get a soothing heat. After use, press the off button to stop the warming process while preventing overheating issues. Note that the warming automatically shuts down after an hour to save the battery charge.

In addition, this accessory acts as a power bank for charging most common smartphones. It has a 5200mAh battery that lasts longer than similar-priced units to give you a reliable performance. Monitor the heating status and also the remaining battery quickly with the three indicator lights. Furthermore, this best rechargeable hand warmer is compact to allow a comfortable hand or pocket carrying. Take it with you to sporting, fishing, camping, skiing, or hiking trips to keep out the cold.

We recommend this because...

Its pebble design is easy to use
Has a double-side heating mechanism to warm both hands
Adjustable heat levels to suit different needs
Easy to carry and store
The battery acts as a power bank

#5. HomeLifairy 2 in 1 Hand Warmers Rechargeable

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By: HomeLifairy

The unique 3D shape of this hand warmer gives you a stylish use than the typical black square or oval designs. It has a cute animal style with a pink finish suitable for women, girls, and other people who love vibrant colors. Made of premium aluminum alloy, the body is strong and durable. Not only that but also its simple construction fits your palm’s curve perfectly for the perfect grip. Note that the head section is designed using the silicone for a soft feel you can press to relieve stress. Some users attest to its softness similar to the skin for maximum comfort.

Featuring double-sided heating, this best rechargeable hand warmer quickly preheats in seconds. You can enjoy cozy operation for 4.5 hours or more depending on the chosen heat level between 48 to 52° C. Simply press the easy-to-use power button to turn this item on or off. Ensure you supervise your child under 8 years when using this hand warmer. In addition, this product’s 9000 mAh battery is among the largest capacity in most hand warmers in the market. You can charge your mobile phone two times before the need for another reload.

We recommend this because...

The 3D shape makes it stand out from the rest
It has a cute animal structure suitable for kids and ladies
The use of aluminum alloy makes it super durable
A soft silicone head allow pressing to help relieve stress
Comes with a high-capacity battery that lasts more than 4.5 hours

#4. Senlleo Hand Warmer, Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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By: Senlleo

The next best rechargeable hand warmer we review is the Senlleo. It has a sleek and stylish finish, making it the ideal winter gift. You can give your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or relative during the cold days for them to keep the hands cozy. Besides, the provided travel pouch and a lanyard allow easy carrying from one place to the other. This gadget has a 5200mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for an extended time. You can use it to charge digital devices like a Samsung, Nexus, iPhone, or iPad. The Tri-level indicator shows the heating conditions and remaining charge. Use the micro USB cable for secure loading.

What’s more, this machine 3-in-1 design makes it more versatile than the rest. Apart from hand-warming and charging other devices, it has a mini flashlight to light up dark areas. Carry it to camping sites when hiking, skiing or fishing. Furthermore, this product weighs 4.5 ounces and is small to fit pockets perfectly. Its double sides stay warm after you pick one of the three heat levels.

We recommend this because...

Stylish and durable design makes it an ideal winter gift
Comes with a travel pouch and a lanyard for easy carrying
The 5200mAh rechargeable battery that lasts long
You can use the flashlight to light up dark spots
Lightweight and compact shape fits a pocket securely

#3. Balhvit Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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By: Balhvit

We understand when wintertime comes, the hands are mostly affected by the cold. Some people prefer to use one of the best rechargeable hand warmers instead of gloves. You can invest in this one, which has a 6400mAh battery to ensure you have uninterrupted use. Not only that, but you can use it as a power bank to charge the standard devices like an iPod or smartphone. With two indicators, they light up to show you the heating status. Plus, a 5V/2A I/O cord charges this device safely and quickly in just two hours. After a complete charge, the cell lasts between 5-10 hours.

Constructed from eco-friendly aluminum and ABS, this machine is ultra-safe and comfortable. RoHS, feck, and CE certify the materials for an anti-scald, shockproof, radiation-free, and explosion-proof service. Moreover, this warmer is sleek, compact, and yet functional to fit inside a pocket securely. Take it with you for hiking, camping, sports, traveling, fishing, or skiing. This machine has an advanced intelligent protection system featuring overloading and short circuit protection mechanism. It releases ideal warmth on both sides to relieve pain bright by uncomfortable menstrual, arthritis, and cold.

We recommend this because...

It has a 6400mAh battery for that lasts up to 10 hours
The indicators light up to show the heating status
Simple to charge by using the 5V/2A I/O cord
Delivers an anti-scald and shockproof service
It’s compact for simple carrying and storage

#2. AOMAIS Hand Warmer Rechargeable

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We love the ergonomic design of this best rechargeable hand warmer for that secure and skin-friendly hold. It fits your palm perfectly as you keep the cold way, especially in the winter season. Also, this item is designed from aluminum that has gone through numerous polishing to give you additional appeal and durability. With a convenient key-chain hole, you can take this gadget anywhere with you, such as shopping centers, schools, and more places. Thanks to the three temperature levels and 3-second heating, you can enjoy immediate use. Note that the two sides warm-up for you to place both of your hands on either section.

What’s more, the two large 5200mAh batteries have a high capacity to let you enjoy a continuous hand-warming action. Not only that, but also you can charge other devices like a smartphone. Check the four light indicators to know the remaining battery level. Boasting a compact structure, this unit is portable and easy to store. Carry it inside your pocket, purse, or bag when waiting for a bus or watching a football game. Moreover, its discreet shape gives your little one a cozy warmth for them to sleep peacefully at day or night.

We recommend this because...

Its ergonomic curve style fits the palm perfectly
Made of skin-friendly aluminum for added safety
Comes with a key-chain hole to allow easy portability
A fast 3-second heating
Longlasting 5200mAh battery

#1. Homitt Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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By: Homitt

Safety and durability are what this hand warmer guarantees. It is made of quality ABS, and aluminum for maximum durability as the high-tech chip with multiple safety features keep your device secure. There’s short circuit protection, over-voltage protection overcurrent protection, flame-resistant, and explosion protection. In addition, this item has heat-generating panels to releases warmth on both sides in 2 seconds. You can now keep the hands cozy in your desired heat to withstand colds caused by hiking, skiing, fishing, or camping. This item’s 6700mAh rechargeable battery is longlasting and easy to charge.

We love this best rechargeable hand warmer heats up to around 8.5 hours if you use the low setting of 113℉. Note that it requires 3 hours to reach a full charge making it a reliable companion for trips. In addition, the four modes allow a customized us. Pick the one that has your preferred temperature as the indicators flash blue to let you know which setting is being used. Also, its high capacity battery can be used to charge iOS, tablet, and most android phones. Use this gadget to relieve joint pains, especially for arthritis and Raynaud’s.

We recommend this because...

Its quality aluminum provides an extended use
Comes with multiple protection features for added safety
Warms up quickly in under 2 seconds
Allows a flexible application with the four temp modes
It charges other android phones and tablets

To Sum Up

When winter comes, the best rechargeable hand warmer keeps the cold away from your hands. The newer designs have a high-capacity battery you can recharge, making it ideal for outdoor use. Also, the structure is usually lightweight and compact to fit most travel bags, purse, and even the pocket. Pick one of the best rechargeable hand warmers above to enjoy a cozy and secure hand-warming.

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