Here Are the 8 Best Monitors to Upgrade Your Home Office

One thing that the coronavirus made abundantly clear to many of us: our home offices aren’t up to par. And judging by all the Instagram pictures of people using ironing boards as desks, we’re not alone.

However, while you can make do without a proper desk, it’s difficult to be efficient and productive at home when you’re trying to wade through numerous programs, tabs and documents on a single screen. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to upgrade your new home office — with a quality computer monitor. You can even double up and get two for a proper dual monitor setup.

Stop trying to fit 10 different windows onto your tiny laptop screen. You can be as productive at home as you are at work when you add one of the best monitors to your home office.
   1. HP 27-Inch FHD Monitor

An affordable, top-shelf monitor that provides you with an extra 27 inches of real estate so you can continue to be an office hero, even though you’re at home. With the micro-bezel display, the screen is stretched all the way to the edges, maximizing as much display area as possible. And the ability to tilt and adjust the display so you’re as comfortable as possible makes this screen even more desirable. For gamers, video editors and designers who need high definition displays, this is a great choice. Make no mistake, this is a premium monitor, so if you’re looking for a more affordable second monitor, keep reading. However, for a crisp 1080p display, this monitor is a serious upgrade to your current home office setup.
Buy: HP 27-Inch FHD Monitor $499.99    2. Sceptre Ultra Thin 1080p LED Monitor

With two HDMI ports and VGA connectivity, you can have multiple devices connected to the Sceptre without having to switch the HDMI cable from one laptop to another. The thin 24-inch monitor even sports a pair of speakers, for those times you can’t find your headphones right before your Zoom meeting. You’ll be able to hear your co-workers loud and clear. And the best part — this 1080p monitor with plenty of connectivity is not only ultra-thin, its also ultra-affordable.
Buy: Sceptre Ultra Thin Monitor $102.99    3. HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5 Full HD

With the shortage of good dual monitor setups available, the HP Pavillion 22cwa provides a reliable and affordable option for people who want a quality monitor pronto. The VGA and HDMI port setup is limited, but most people don’t need anything more than that. And if you have limited space in your home office, the 21.5-inch screen is just big enough. It has almost 5,000 customer reviews on Amazon with an 85% approval rating. Not bad for a monitor that only costs a Benjamin.
Buy: HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5 Full HD $168.05    4. Razer Raptor 27

Great color and refresh rate is exactly what a gamer wants from a monitor. The Razer Raptor 27 delivers on both fronts. This 27-inch monitor sports 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution and a peak 144Hz refresh rate, which is extremely impressive and makes for ultra-smooth gameplay. It’s a beastly monitor though, weighing around 25 pounds, so just make sure you have a sturdy enough desk for all that visual goodness.
Buy: Razer Raptor 27 $699.99 Buy It    5. Samsung 34-inch CJ791 Ultrawide Curved Monitor

Many companies are moving away from the dual-screen monitor setup and providing one ultrawide monitor instead. And why not — monitors like the Samsung Ultrawide provide 34 inches of QHD real estate, and no need to deal with dual monitor stands. Its high refresh rate of 100Hz is gaming worthy, too. If you’re looking for a simple solution to get your home office work-from-home ready, it’s hard to beat this ultrawide curved monitor.
Buy: Samsung 34-inch CJ791 Ultrawide Curved Monitor $799.99 Buy It    6. Dell P2418HT 23.8-Inch Touch Screen

For those who like to be hands-on, this Dell touchscreen monitor is a great option. Its stand allows for it to be folded in unique standing positions giving you an array of orientation options. It’s also affordable, albeit, a little older, but it’s a reliable 1080p touch screen offering that provides a great amount of utility.
Buy: Dell P2418HT Touch Monitor $349.99 Buy It    7. BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor 31.5-inch

This is a great monitor for those who prefer a little more screen space and a curved screen. It has a similar resolution and peak refresh rate as the Razer 27, but it provides more display real estate for sharp and radiant visual content. It’s not nearly as heavy as the Razer either, but it does have a heftier price tag. Whether you plan on using the monitor for gaming or work, it’s a solid investment (especially for gaming).
Buy: BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor 31.5-inch $522.78    8. Asus Zenscreen Go

When you go looking for the best monitors for your home office, you may be thinking of the standing monitors you’re used to using at the office. However, portable monitors are having a moment right now. This lightweight and portable monitor from Asus is a great way to turn any area in your home or apartment into a readymade office. The 15.6-inch anti-glare display connects quickly to your laptop via micro-HDMI or USB Type-C connection, making it compatible with both Macs and PCs. The Smart Cover can even hold the monitor in both landscape and portrait orientation to fulfill your secondary monitor needs.
Buy: Asus Zenscreen Go $296.41   
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