Health and Safety Innovations for Baby You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether at home or on the road, keeping your baby healthy and safe is one of the top priorities of parenting. Technology has been a game-changer in this area, and it’s hard to keep up with all latest innovations. We’ve got you covered with these safety products that you may not have heard of but are definitely going to want to make part of your safety arsenal.

Carseat CoPilot Automatic Alert System
Reduce the risk of forgetting your baby in the car with this alert system from American Home Safety Products. Clip this sensor to the straps of your car seat and attach the alarm to the keychain with your car keys on them. If you step more than 10 feet away from your car, an alarm will sound to let you know your baby is still strapped in to the carseat. This alert system comes with one sensor and two alarm key fobs.

Available at, $49.95.


Nanit Complete Baby Monitoring System
This combination video and breathing wear monitor has everything you need for baby’s optimal sleep. The overhead camera allows you to see all that is going on in and around the sleep space and includes two-way audio. The camera also reads the fabric patterns on the included electronic-free breathing wear and sends real-time alerts right to your smartphone. There is a wall mount and a floor stand that keep cords safely out of reach and allow for easy portability when you’re on the go. The app can show you all you need to know about baby’s sleep patterns and offers tips for making sure everyone has a good night. The Nanit Plus camera works with Amazon Echo and Echo Spot, and the complete baby monitoring system is eligible for purchase with FSA/HSA healthcare benefits.

Available at, $399.

Smart Beat Baby Breathing Monitor
What sets this breathing monitor apart is the fact that there is nothing for baby to wear. To monitor baby’s every breath, the camera checks for movements 20 times per second, detecting motions too small to be seen by the human eye. The HD video streams to your smartphone or tablet and sends notifications for sleep apnea, if breathing falls outside the normal range, and for when baby falls asleep and wakes. There is no need for special sleepwear and the monitor is designed to work when baby is swaddled or in a sleep sack and when baby is in different sleeping positions. Other features include two-way audio, night vision and remote viewing.

Available at, $249.50.

CYBEX SensorSafe Convertible Car Seat
Get the latest advancements in car seat technology with this convertible car seat from CYBEX. The Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 has all the standard safety features like side impact protection and an adjustable headrest, along with the flexibility of a convertible car seat, suitable for babies from 5 to 65 lbs. Where it innovates is the chest clip that syncs with a vehicle receiver and your smartphone. It’s designed to alert parents to unsafe situations, including baby being left behind in the car, if the buckle becomes undone while the car is in motion, or if baby has been in the car seat too long.

Available at, $329.95.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer
Taking baby’s temperature can be difficult in the best of conditions, never mind when they’re not feeling well. The Kinsa Smart Ear digital thermometer makes it easy by giving an accurate reading in under two seconds. It’s FDA-cleared for safety and accuracy in babies and adults, and the easy-clean tip does not require probe covers. So whether you have a sleeping baby or a squirmy toddler, you can be confident that you will know their temperature. Though there is no substitute for consulting with your pediatrician, the optional Kinsa app provides symptom tracking, guidance on what to do next, and medication dosages and reminders.

Available at, $39.99.
Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Monitor
Rest assured that the air baby is breathing is safe and healthy with the Airthings Wave Plus indoor air quality monitor. Its sensors check the air for serious air pollutants, like radon, carbon dioxide, and total volatile organic compounds. It also monitors temperature, air pressure and humidity, so you can keep conditions optimal for baby. The app dashboard on your smartphone provides alerts and advanced analytics of air quality and offers tips for improving it. The battery is designed to last for up to two years.

Available at, $269.99.

—Katie L. Carroll


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