Best Conference Room Camera in 2019

To get professional management and service delivery in any conference room rely majorly on the type of surveillance cams used. But purchasing the best cam requires thorough research and review of the existing conference webcams in the market. In this regard, we have decided to simplify the task for you by reviewing the best conference cams in 2019. In this review, we have considered the unique features that you will need to check when making a purchase and it call Conference Room Camera. Read this piece of work and learn it. Check this now Best Conference Room Microphone

Best Conference Room Camera in 2019 That Everyone Should Get

9. LiFu Wireless IP, [1080 X 720P Home Security Surveillance] Camera

LiFu Wireless IP, [1080 X 720P Home Security Surveillance] Camera - Conference Room Camera

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Lifu Wi-Fi 720 is a home surveillance camera with an inbuilt microphone and night mode vision for a pet. You can adjust the motion detect sensibility when the monitor is detected or alarm is triggered, and an instant email will be sent to your account. Lifu wireless camera comes with a free phone app for Android and iOS. You can, therefore, view the footage via iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Tablet. The setup process is pretty easy. You only need to plug the power cable, download the MIPC app and set it up from your Android or iOS device. Regarding versatility, the cam stand can be set on a wall, tripod, or shelf.

8. Conference Table Management Box Conference Table Management Box

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This is the top class conference room table that offers professional conference room management. StarTech conference table will help eliminate clutter at your table or podium by organizing as well as storing cables in the conference table management box. This sleek design conference table comes with a table cable box and has cutout dimensions of (5.2 x 5.2) inches. The packages entail a conference room AV cable clutter, surface mount box, surface mount outlet, conference table connectivity box, tabletop box, AV connection panel with a built-in hideaway panel.

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7. Logitech Video Conference [BCC950] Cam

Logitech Video Conference [BCC950] Cam

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Logitech BCC950 webcam comes with an HD 1080pConference Room camera with an in-built speakerphone. Benefit from the broad application compatibility. This webcam is optimized for Microsoft Lync and Skype has a remote control and base options and works with most other popular UC platforms. You can, therefore, quickly tilt the cam, zoom, volume up/down/mute and answer/hang during calls. Logitech Omni-directional mic pickup and echo cancellation audio make it seem like conversations are happening in the same room. Other amazing features include a professional HD video with superior speakerphone audio for small and simple group conferencing.

6. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect [All in one Video Collaboration Solution] for Small groups

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect [All in one Video Collaboration Solution] for Small groups

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Logitech conference cam comes with a full HD 1080p video, USB and Bluetooth speakerphone and plug-and-play compatibility. The plug-and-play compatibility entails a USB connectivity to PC, thin clients; Bluetooth and NFC mobile device, and Mac. The conference webcam is compatible with most UC and web conferencing applications. Its wireless screen mirror projection allows you to connect mobile devices to the conference being to display presentations and other content on a TV screen from a tablet or smartphone.

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5. HuddleCamHD-3x G2 USB 2.0 [PTZ 1080p] Video Conference Camera-Black

HuddleCamHD-3x G2 USB 2.0 [PTZ 1080p] Video Conference Camera-Black

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If you have been looking for a conference cam with a 3x optical zoom, then you got it. HuddleCamHD video conference webcam provides variable focal length, a USB connection to PC for video and RS232 connection for wired control. Another amazing feature is the free remote pan, full 1080p -1920 x1080p @30fps, .7 inches CMOS2.1 Mega Pixel image sensor, and tilt driver over USB 2.0 cable. Get 81-degree field of view in wide zoom; 36 degrees field of view in tele zoom.

4.Huddly GO Video Conferencing Camera

Huddly GO Video Conferencing Camera

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Huddly is a USB plug and playsConference Room camera that works both with windows and MacOS. With a recent software release, the cam can now support both USB 2 and USB 3 when an update is installed. If you need a conference cam that will work well with all the favorite applications like Skype, Google hangouts, and zoom, then this is a must buy. Huddly Go video camera is built for use in small meeting rooms for 2 to 6 people, in medium size conference rooms up to 12 people and for live streaming. Lastly, this cam has ultra-wide angle lens with excellent image quality, powered by cutting-edge software onConference Room camera. Why not benefit from the lossless HD zoom up to 4x?

3.Huddly Go Camera Room Kit

Huddly Go Camera Room Kit

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Huddly Go cam kit is a high-end quality, wide angle lens, USB plug and play cam that supports all your favorite applications like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout. This cam is built for use in huddle rooms, I mid-size conference rooms, laptops, and live streaming. Huddly Go cam works with both Windows and MacOS, while its newConference Room camera software now supports both USB 2 and USB 3 when an update is installed. With 150 degrees ultra-wide lens, you will get excellent image quality, powered by cutting-edgeConference Room camera.

2. Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

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Logitech PTZ is a USB HD 1080p Video camera that delivers professional video quality to any conference room. The cam is ideal for custom integration due to its flexibility to use multi-mounting options and three camera presets. Get a 90 degrees field of view, 130 degrees tilt, and mechanical 260-degrees pan. These features give you a wide field of view and versatile controls making it easy to see all participant in the conference room. Other amazing features include H264 SVC Video Compression, premium USB PTZ video camera, and plug and play compatibility.

1. Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference [with Auto-Speaker Focus] Cam

Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference [with Auto-Speaker Focus] Cam

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Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference Room camera offers you a 360-degree audio and video. The 360-degree lens allows the device to see all directions at the same time, while an 8 microphone array ensures everyone within 12 feet to be heard. The package entails a 6 ft USB cable, 12 ft power supply, and a quick start guide. Owl automatically highlights up to 3 speakers at a go, while providing a dynamic shifting from speaker to speaker as the conversation moves. Also, no software download is needed for the plug and play functionality to work. Why not reduce the number of devices needed in the conference room with the combined video and audio?

Conference Room Camera Buying Guide That Ensures You Get The Best

Conference Room Camera

It is a thing of the past for administration members to move across the table to move across towns to attend meetings, all thanks to conference room cameras. These cameras are available in various sizes and features that make it possible for people to hold meetings regardless of their geographical locations. If you are for a great video conference, buying a great conference room camera is inevitable. There are many things to consider when buying a great camera for the conference room. As you shall see later in this piece. We will also look at the various types and features that one should look for when buying a professional conference room camera.

Categories of conferencing cameras

There are two types of conferencing cameras, and these are the consumer conferencing cameras and the professional conference room cameras. The consumer category, as the name suggests is for personal or nonprofessional recording. These include web cameras. The other category is self-explanatory, they are for professional usage. They are used in video conferencing, in the film making process and even on television.

Resolution and quality of the conferencing camera

Normally there are 4 resolutions in hardware conferencing cameras which are CIF (352by 288), there is the 4SIF (704 by 576), HD (1280 by 720) and the last one is VGA (640 by480). The QVGA, CIF, VGA, and 4CIF are considered to have a resolution that is relatively similar. QVGA got its origin from the resolution of the digital matrix like the webcams. The rest are historically based on the television standards of video signals like PAL and NTSC.

Presently video conferencing cameras that support high definition resolution are increasingly getting into the market. The HD quality requires much faster data transmission. Devices with the screen resolution higher than 1280 by 720 pixels can play high definition videos.

High definition video conferencing cameras

They include professional PTZ cameras those with three degrees of freedom, web cameras as well as IP cameras. These can be both independent cameras which can be integrated into the housing of various equipment such as phones, computers, video conferencing terminals, video phones and much more.


In full, they are the Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. They are today thought to the most viable video conferencing in most conferencing. It is loved because of its high image quality in any condition. They dont compress the image when transmitting it to the capture card or the video conferencing terminal. They also come with a rotary device which lets one to aim it to the direction of the speaker when video conferencing. Their cost, however, is the only disadvantage as most people may not afford them. Nearly all PTZ cameras can be operated using a remote control. They also can save certain pre-programmed focus and position on them in just a fraction of a second. Also, you can automatically zoom on the speaker using directional microphones.


These devices capture and transmit an image in real time, over the internet. They mostly connect through the USB port of the computer. Also, some webcams may be integrated into the computer or device. These are also used for conferencing, however, they dont befit conference room cameras. Try are only suitable for personal video conferencing. Some advantages of these cameras include being affordable, their size, which is small and also, they have a pre-digitized signal at the output. They, unlike the PTZ cameras they digitize and compress an image and thus there is a bit of a delay when transmitting the video signal. At times the video coding artifacts may be observed.

Internet Protocol cameras (IP cameras)

These are network devices which transmit video data in digital format through computer networks. They have their own IP address in the network. For one to see the image from such cameras on the computer, you will have to enter the IP address of the users camera to the browsers address bar. These are seldom used as conference o4om cameras due to signal delay. This is as a result of image compression and digitization. The delays also are as a result of the cameras network module that keeps buffering the picture before transmitting it over the Ethernet in a stable way. This adds on to the load on the network equipment thus slowing down video transmission.

How To Set Up Conference Room Cameras For Optimum Quality

Conference Room Camera

1) First, check your rooms acoustics lighting

You should understand that flat surfaces normally reflect sound. This means that your floor, door, and even walls can have a toll on the sound. Actually, these may end up distorting it even though you have the best images. However, this can be remedied. You can lay a carpet on the floor of your conference room. Also, you can hand curtains and install a soft pin up the board or a portable office partition. Secondly, for you to acquire quality images from the conference room camera, reduce lighting behind you or the speaker. a very bright backlight makes it hard for others on the other end to see your face. Therefore you may consider painting your walls with a soft neutral tone-grey to be precise.

2) install your camera microphones and speakers appropriately

Quality images should go hand in hand with quality sound. Therefore you have to make sure that you choose microphones that have echo cancellation feature. The best camera for conferencing should come with his feature. The feature will improve the clarity of sound by getting rid of echoes as well as audio feedback or squealing. The high-quality standalone computer speakers are okay for a mid-size conference room. You can also use a music sound system with small speakers can be used as they cut down bass and echo thus making the sound to be of high quality.

3) Install your cameras appropriately

As seen above, not all cameras are good for video conferencing. The most appropriate SNES are those with pan tilt zoom feature. The feature as seen lets you control the camera using a remote control. Ensure you position the camera at the eye level for perfect eye contact. If the camera is atop a big screen then it is advisable to reposition that camera to the side of the screen.

4) install screens

Have at least two screens as dual screens will let you display your presentation on one and the speaker on the other all simultaneously.

5) Configure your computer and iPad controller

Connect your conference room camera, screen, and microphone to your computer. For better performance, run Zoom Room application on your computer and iPad controller. If you are using double screens you should set your PC display mode to extend displays.

What To Look For In a Conference Room Camera

Conference Room Camera

If you are a business in search of the most appropriate conference room camera, you should ensure you get the right input. The most appropriate is capable of producing crystal clear picture that will make your partners and clients alike feel as if they are in the room with your company team. If you get the wrong input then communications will not be effective. In the end, your partners and clients will be left with an amateurish impression. Therefore to avoid this blunder, you should consider the following factors in your quest to find a conference room camera.

1. Interoperability:

These days more and more devices are geared towards a/V communication. Many organizations are eager to join the cloud. Interoperability is vital. People are expected to jump on their laptops, phones, and other devices and be able to connect to a meeting in just a few clicks of the mouse. A camera for conferencing that allows the user to be able to join in a meeting is effectively standard. For instance, it should be compatible with Cisco Jabber, Skype, Google hangout, and many more. Compatibility with Polycom and Cisco product is vital. Today, however, most conference room cameras come with them however, a company should go an extra mile to ensure that they have USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports.

2. Optional zoom

Some presentation requires a much higher level of detail and need a true optical zoom for members to enhance video without it losing quality. Always consider this factor when scouting for the appropriate camera for conferencing.

3. HD video

Sometime back HD quality was considered a go-to feature for any company. Still, this fact stands and businesses should strive to go high definition. However, you first need to be clear on what the system will be used for. If you are using the HD system for face to face meetings with your clients and partners then the better. It should have a resolution of up to 1920 by 1080. If the system is intended for use with webinars then the resolution can be paired down to something like 720p.

4. Additional accessories

Besides robust hardware and software featured businesses should also go for conference room cameras with additional accessories such as mounts and cables.

Reasons Why Your Company Needs To Embrace Videoconferencing

Gone are the days when businesses relayed on outdated modes of communication such as audio conferencing as their primary tool of communication. Here are some of the benefits that video conferencing boasts of, and why any business or individual should embrace it, as you are in search of a conference room camera.

1. It is more engaging than audio conferencing

Video conferencing helps you to achieve high levels of collaboration with your clients and partners. It should be the default setting. The feel and etiquette of any meeting changed on video conferencing as participants are able to see and be seen. Participants are less likely to zoom out or multitask. Instead, there is a high level of closeness and engagement. There is also a closer relationship between team members and clients or partners, and that feeling being in a meeting with a stranger is eliminated.

2. More efficient

This is a better and cheap way business to hold meetings. For one, they can talk one on one and see each other. On the other hand, it is not costly as one does not have to drive or spend much time in traffic.

3. Superior communication and learning

Various research shows that video conferencing, rather than audio conferencing in a greater extent improves one quality of communication. It also enhances ones degree of understanding.

4. It gets things done

Video conferencing according to research has the ability to get things done. It is more effective than audio conferencing. And while audio conferencing is relatively powerful, it cannot surpass what video conferencing does.

5. It humanizes your communication

This point can be taken in contrast with email correspondence or voice communication. Video communication entails moving images and is worth much more than 1 million words. When you show yourself and seeing the rest of your team members of partners you can work on your body language which is critical in not only business but also in other areas. Seeing someone when talking to them changes the nomenclature of the conversation whether in personal relationships or in business.

6. Gets dispersed teams connected

This is another benefit that cannot be ruled out. Video conferencing is the best communication tool for teams that are working on the same project but from different geographic locations. They can use the tool to connect to each other as well as showing the work progress. This, in the end, makes them feel close together despite their locations. therefore any business should strive to adopt video conferencing and better still use the information provided above to get the right conference room camera.

Having gone through the article we are sure you have understood the importance of video conferencing for your organization or even personal use. You now also know what camera is the best camera to pick for both personal and professional use. Always ensure that you follow the above tips to get the best camera for your budget. We are certain that with all the information shared here you will make the right choice whenever you are out there purchasing a conference room camera for your organization.

In conclusion, this review has listed and highlighted all the unique features of each webcam. Therefore, buying a conference webcam has now been simplified. All you need is to prepare your budget and visit the nearest vendor to get a cam that meets your needs. No need to wait further, order yours.

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