Amazon can already send you anything you might want for your house

Now, it will send you a house as well.  The Allwood Solvalla Garden House is a bit small to live in full time, but if you have 172 square feet of empty space in your backyard it would make a great guest house, pool house, or (behind your) home office. Fine, you can call it a “man cave” or “she shed” if you’d like.

The Solvalla has a sloped roof that’s eight feet, eight inches in the front and six-and-a-half feet in the rear. It’s a little more than nine feet deep and 18 feet wide and is split into two sections. One section has solid walls on two sides and floor-to-ceiling windows in the front; the other has slatted walls and is open in the front to form an outdoor space.

The two identically-sized spaces are separated by a window and sliding door. Cleverly, owners are free to choose which you’d like on the left and which you’d like on the right when setting up the shed. Speaking of setup, Allwood estimates that it takes two adults about eight hours to assemble the structure.
Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit, Garden House
A versatile building that you can order on Amazon and build in your own backyard.
Buy Now $7,350.00
The entire building is, of course, weather poof. The frame is made out of Nordic wood. The floorboards and roof/ceiling boards are three-quarters of an inch thick while the walls come in at a slightly thicker 13/16 of an inch. It doesn’t, however, come with roof shingles or a floor, two essential components that need to be purchased separately. For a foundation, Allwood suggests a gravel base with cinder blocks or rows of treated timbers if builders want something a little less permanent and easier to install than a traditional slab of concrete.

The Solvalla is made to order, so buyers can expect to wait up to 60 days until delivery. It’s not Prime speed, but considering that it weighs 2,500 pounds it’s hard to get mad about free shipping at any pace.
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