A dual monitor setup is quite common nowadays, be it for work or for entertainment

Once you’ve taken the decision to set up a dual monitor configuration, all that remains is that you manage the space to install it in. Properly done, such a setup will save you an awful lot of space on your desktop, not to mention how nice it will look. To give you a helping hand, we took the liberty of finding the ten best dual monitor stands the market has to offer right now so that you will better understand what to look for.
Best Dual Monitor Stands – Top List
Mount-It! MI-1781 LCD Desk Stand Mount

The MI-1781 Mount It, popular for its versatility, is a well-made accessory that is designed to offer a dynamic, adjustable and ideally functional dual monitor stand. Its arm is set to rotate as per your needs and can be either on a swivel, tilt or pivot to adjust. What’s more, it has an ergonomic setting that prevents you from having eye, neck and even back strains and also comes with height adjustability for tilt and curve plus a curved arm design to direct the monitor towards you.
FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Dual Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand Fleximounts is an exclusive desk-mountable accessory which can support approximately two 27-inch LCD monitors on its swing arm (dual). It features a die-cast aluminum construction that allows easy installation not to mention swift adjustments and movements. What’s more, it has a compact design that is space saving which complements its efficient cable management. Furthermore, besides supporting a 17.6-pound weight capacity for every monitor, it allows optimal productivity and ultimate ergonomic support.
MI-725 Mount It Dual Arm (Adaptable) Mount Stand

The MI-725 is an innovatively designed mount stand that is compatible with virtually every manufacturer. It features dual arms that allow height adjustability on every pole. Every arm articulates in three distinct positions to enable proper positioning, and with its rotating monitor holders, you can change the views of the monitors to your pleasure. And if this is not enough, this mount stand also comes with a heavy-duty design which accommodates about 22lbs. Per-monitor and a C-clamp provision that guarantees stable mounting courtesy of its double lock system.
MDS14 Dell (Dual Monitor) Stand (5TPP7)

The MDS14 is a Dell-made customizable dual-monitor accessory that is designed to give it maximum productivity and comfort. It offers tilt, swivel and height adjustments for both monitors of various sizes not to mention sliding of both monitors laterally to ensure they are ever on a similar plane. It supports screen sizes of about 24 inches and each weighing 14.3 pounds and comes with a U-shaped base design not to mention an integrated cable management system concealed within its stand riser.
Loctek Dual Monitor Arm

This is yet another option with an easy to adjust support arms and an ergonomic design that allows you to comfortably operate devoid of any strains to your eyes, neck or back. Additionally, it features an exclusive hovering system (gas spring) which adjusts the monitor height. It surprisingly also comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum with a tasteful anti-scratch surface not to mention arms that rotate 360 degrees horizontally. Aside from the permanent grommet installation or support clamp that accommodates a considerable weight, it also includes an exclusive cable management structure which organizes wires to give you a tidy setting.
Planar Black Monitor Stand (Dual Monitor)

The Planar stand is an accessory that supports two displays each ranging between 17 and 24 inches with a 26-pound weight capacity each. Moreover, it is well flexible and allows it to tilt for about 15 degrees up or down not to mention its swivel side to side display extending to about 20 degrees. What’s more, this stand has the capacity to rotate an approximate 90 degrees either for landscape or portrait mode with an adjustable height of up to 13 inches.
AmazonBasics Side-by-Side Dual Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics’ is a side-by-side dual monitor display that effortlessly adjusts to suit your style. It features extendable and retractable arms which tilt to alter reading angles not to mention rotating to either portrait or landscape modes. What’s more, it not only fits desks that range from 0.4” to 2.4”. It also increases the overall desktop space. Similarly, it offers easy viewing not to mention being VESA compatible.
Halter Desk Clamp Stand (Dual Monitor)

Halter is a dual-monitor clamp stand which mounts two monitors easily. It offers an elevated and secure setting for two screen monitors which allow you to clear valuable work and desk space. What’s more, it features a tilt that is fully adjustable, and it can extend its height beside rotating side to side all which allow a protective and comfortable viewing position which helps minimize eye, back, and neck strain. Also, it will enable smooth rotation of LCD monitors for proper viewing and features double-link 36-inch swing arms which ergonomically optimize monitor views complemented by a heavy-duty clamp and separate movements.
HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

The high-quality polished aluminium die-cast solid construction and the premium gas spring system on this dual monitor stand ensures durability. This mount elevates two monitor screens, freeing up more of your valuable work space and putting the screens at a comfortable viewing position. With universal compatibility, this stand fits most monitors comfortably. It also features full motion adjustments so you can set your monitors to your optimal viewing angle. With swivel, tilt, height, and rotation adjustments, you will easily be able to find the perfect angle for you.
VIVO Heavy Duty Mount Stand (STAND-V002)

The VIVO mount stand is seen as one of the best out there and for good reasons as well. It includes user-specific features like height adjustment, full-motion circulation, detachable mounting plates (VESA), and an incorporated cable management system. It is also characterized by a versatile screen placement allowing ergonomic view and reducing strain and fatigue on your shoulders, eyes, and neck, along with a Clamp mount that frees up unwanted clutter.

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Finding The Right Dual Monitor Stand
Whatever your reason may be for investing in a dual monitor setup, you’re going to have to find one that doesn’t take up too much space on your desktop. At the same time, a good dual monitor stand should provide an ample amount of support for your monitors and to do so without impeding your monitors’ ability to perform as required. While these type of stands are usually the preferred choice of hardcore gamers, there are many work-related reasons for wanting them as well.
Types of monitor stands
You should keep in mind that although most stands are designed to meet roughly the same requirements, they do differ from one another as far as their construction goes. To be more precise, while some are designed to expand and retract with ease, others are designed to swivel, rotate, and tilt freely depending on your needs. In this respect, there are many different types of monitor stands to choose from:

Monitor risers – Like the name suggests, these stands are intended to raise your monitor to a much higher position to compensate for an unusually low working space. Because they use very little surface space, these stands are perfect for small desktops or in situations where space is the issue. We should also point out that these stands are quite tiltable by design, allowing you to easily manipulate them into your desired position.

Freestanding – These stands do not require any drilling or clamping, allowing you to freely mount them at a moment’s notice. They are also easy to move around given their construction, which recommends them for anyone who reorganizes their desktop often. Furthermore, the fact that they don’t require that you make any permanent changes to your desk also makes them perfect for people who do not own their desks.

Single bracket stands – Single bracket stands use a single mount design which usually involves a single screen. Similar to freestanding mounts, single bracket versions also require no drilling or clamping, a convenience which reflects in their pricing. At the same time, these mounts can be used to accommodate monitors of almost any size, even though they kind of defeat the purpose of using multiple monitors if you have to install the mounts individually.

Multiple bracket stands – Just as the name suggests, these are the type of stands that you want to use if you ever want to accommodate two or more monitors on a single stand. This is because of the multiple bracket system they employ, a system that makes them perfect when you want to operate two monitors at roughly the same height and angle. Needless to say, these stands are also built to be much more durable than single bracket stands, which is always something to look for.

Articulating mounts – These type of stands are quite popular among gamers and for good reasons. You see, their articulating design allows you to quickly and effortlessly change the angle and positioning of your monitor should you wish to do so. Most of the time, these mounts employ a pivot or hinge for the task, so make sure to take the time and understand how to best install them on your desk.

Monitor arms – With these installations, you get the freedom to move or swing the mount any way you wish. Thanks to their literal bending, you will find these stands to be quite popular among people who have to constantly move their monitors away from their working space for one reason or another. Seeing how they are not fixed to any single position, you can use these particular mounts with almost any monitor as long as they fit.

Monitor bases – You install these stands either on the wall or through a grommet. These grommets are inserted through the holes some monitors come equipped with, which are then secured underneath for a greater stability. Interestingly enough, they can also utilize clamps to fasted to the edge of the desk, a somewhat less popular solution when it comes to mounting two or more monitors at the same time.

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