25 Best Work from Home Memes

A lot of us are working from home right now, here are some of the funniest things about remote working!

It's no secret that many of us are working from home right now. Whether you've worked from home your entire career, the last few years, or just a few days, we can all share in some of the unique joys, quirks and struggles that come from living in your office and working in your home. Here's our round-up of 25 of the best working from home memes.
1. Mum is in a meeting
"The answer to your question might be here." A unique solution to caring for children whilst working.

2. This is a classic.
Do you guys remember Dr. Robert Kelly? He's the godfather of Zoom bombing...
Dr Robert Kelly was just on @bbc5live - he’s on lockdown with his kids in South Korea, he says “they’re climbing the walls” and obviously cause of their previous efforts I’m taking that literally. pic.twitter.com/PM40UcKGJy
— Catrin Nye (@CatrinNye) March 16, 2020 3. What about flight attendants?
This hilarious sketch reveals what it would be like if Flight Attendants worked from home...
4. Not interrupting your other half
Last week, I yelled "Hello" at my wife, unaware she was on a very important call with a partner at a global accounting firm. Happens to the best of us.
When your wife has a job working from home and you don’t pic.twitter.com/yio11vRZkb
— 𝚜𝚘𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕 𝚖𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚊 𝚍𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚒𝚗𝚐 💬 (@wordamentalist) April 4, 2020 5. "Hi, sorry, there's a dog in the shot..." You guys... working from home is a STRUGGLE. Filming with a pup is NOT easy. 😂🐾😫 #WorkingFromHomeProblems @KHONnews pic.twitter.com/FDFRoOZkcI
— Lauren Day (@LaurenDayNews) April 4, 2020 6. Zoomception?
This guy made a Zoom background of himself accidentally walking in on himself...
Today I made a Zoom background of myself accidentally walking in on myself in a Zoom meeting. pic.twitter.com/Rl2AsjfZ7V
— Dan Crowd (@itsdancrowd) April 3, 2020 7. Don't forget about school...
That excuse won't fly anymore.
Zoom class

Teacher: where is your homework?

Me: oh... I forgot it at home

Teacher: pic.twitter.com/HZjCyeIzzJ
— Z-Man is Fam (@zman_is_fam) April 4, 2020 8. Zoom should probably get its own article... At the end of another week largely spent on Zoom arrives this crushing pie chart... pic.twitter.com/F0TAUaRrOs
— UCL DClinPsy (@UCL_DClinPsy) April 3, 2020 9. Spare a thought If you think you have a hard time working from home, just imagine how difficult it is for herding dogs pic.twitter.com/xunQQalPeY
— Amy Czyk 👍🏼 (@AmyiCzyk) March 31, 2020 10. More interruptions What it be like working from home: pic.twitter.com/V8GUYXmxBN
— Dan Rafferty (@DanRafferty) April 3, 2020 11. When you miss the daily commute... 12. And talking to your cowokers... newly remote coworkers on slack every four minutespic.twitter.com/8gQ9NKCBUg
— Maxim Leyzerovich (@round) March 13, 2020 13. Maybe Myles needs a Tetanus shot? When you're working from home & tell your kids they can't talk in your office so they pass you a note instead pic.twitter.com/qAsKYHexNd
— Narcissist Problems (@Narc_Problems) April 3, 2020 14.Every. Single. Time. No one:

Your colleague: pic.twitter.com/yLmxro0KVi
— Michelle Ghoussoub (@MichelleGhsoub) April 3, 2020 15. Cats Anyone else finding it difficult to access their computer while #WorkingFromHome?

Angus, grumpy senior cat, continues to ignore physical distancing requirements. His favourite resting spots are: the keyboard, the mouse, or in front of the monitor. #CatsOfTheQuarantine pic.twitter.com/tU0C17lAdY
— Indigo Daya (@IndigoDaya) April 1, 2020 16. Buy a stand you animal Was working from my recycling bin the other day 🤪✨ pic.twitter.com/PKEQ0TkMbk
— Josh Mateo (@joshmateo) March 13, 2020 17. Weird flex but okay Standing desk flex pic.twitter.com/YqtGbnlVAc
— Brad Cahoon (@iambradcahoon) March 13, 2020 18. Desperate times working from home is a very exciting opportunity to learn what my roommate’s job is
— allison (@allisongeroi) March 13, 2020 19. More Zoom... Day three of wfh is going well. My 6-year-old, wearing a giant inflatable penguin costume, just joined a Zoom conference call with all the other Conde Nast EICs.
— nxthompson (@nxthompson) March 12, 2020 20. Struggling for motivation? What working from home is actually like... pic.twitter.com/O1ueR1n4S1
— LADbible (@ladbible) March 28, 2020 21. That counts as ironing, right? The first time the ironing board has been used since we moved in a year ago... #workingfromhome pic.twitter.com/QD0ncAOC2s
— Dr Laura Harrison (@laurasharrison) April 3, 2020 22. There's a lot going on in this photo... I left for ONE MINUTE during a commercial break. Now my agent calls and tells me he’s representing them instead. Nice. #TheLockdown #CoronaLockdown #NewYork #WorkingFromHome pic.twitter.com/NIxMr3JXbM
— Dave Price (@DavePriceTV) March 31, 2020 23. Plan your journey! planing your journey #workingfromhome pic.twitter.com/udcxhK2ovr
— LoftyIT (@LoftyitSupport) April 2, 2020 24. Old habits die hard... When the 45 minute Zoom call could have been an email pic.twitter.com/ZyPts2QoC6
— Meme Appetit (@memeappetit) April 3, 2020 25. Office romance Day 15 of #WorkingFromHome

To all the moms and dads leading the home office with younger co-workers, congrats on your third week! Have a great weekend! pic.twitter.com/q7MvoImOIQ
— Jordan Hein (@MrJordanHein) April 3, 2020
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