25 Best Work from Home Memes

A lot of us are working from home right now, here are some of the funniest things about remote working!

It's no secret that many of us are working from home right now. Whether you've worked from home your entire career, the last few years, or just a few days, we can all share in some of the unique joys, quirks and struggles that come from living in your office and working in your home. Here's our round-up of 25 of the best working from home memes.

1. Mum is in a meeting

"The answer to your question might be here." A unique solution to caring for children whilst working.

2. This is a classic.

Do you guys remember Dr. Robert Kelly? He's the godfather of Zoom bombing...

3. What about flight attendants?

This hilarious sketch reveals what it would be like if Flight Attendants worked from home...

4. Not interrupting your other half

Last week, I yelled "Hello" at my wife, unaware she was on a very important call with a partner at a global accounting firm. Happens to the best of us.

5. "Hi, sorry, there's a dog in the shot..."

6. Zoomception?

This guy made a Zoom background of himself accidentally walking in on himself...

7. Don't forget about school...

That excuse won't fly anymore.

8. Zoom should probably get its own article...

9. Spare a thought

10. More interruptions

11. When you miss the daily commute...

12. And talking to your cowokers...

13. Maybe Myles needs a Tetanus shot?

14.Every. Single. Time.

15. Cats

16. Buy a stand you animal

17. Weird flex but okay

18. Desperate times

19. More Zoom...

20. Struggling for motivation?

21. That counts as ironing, right?

22. There's a lot going on in this photo...

23. Plan your journey!

24. Old habits die hard...

25. Office romance

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