16 Easy Painting Projects For The Family To Enjoy

Painting can be fun and freeing. It’s also a wonderful way for, even novice crafters, to tap into their creativity and spend time expressing themselves. And, for that reason, it’s also a wonderful way to bring the family together on a rainy afternoon and pump out some memorable pieces. Below you’ll find 16 easy painting projects for the entire family to enjoy and experiement with!
1. Scraping

We’re loving this paint scraping trend that’s been fluttering around the blogosphere. The Craft Patch will walk you through the process and show you how to whip up a framed quote that you can enjoy in various nooks and crannies of the house. The foyer, the home office, or everyone’s respective bedrooms, it’s a fun craft and fun to personalize!
2. Abstract

Abstract art is really enjoyable to create but also great to actually utilize afterward. You can easily create something fresh and modern to display in your home. Check out the details behind this beauty by visiting out friends at Fall For DIY.
3. Pour

Sweet Red Poppy hopped on another really hot painting trend: pouring. Pour paint can create gorgeous marbled pieces to display as well. We love this trio of canvases and how it has a geode quality (also quite trendy). Whip up something for your kitchen nook or hallways throughout the house.
4. Smushed

Smushed art is really fun for the kiddos. We love this spread from Oh Joy! and how it’s become a type of contemporary art for the play room or craft area. Grab the details after the jump.
5. Acrylic

Acrylic paints are wonderful to work with. You can visit K.becca and grab a lot of beginners tips. And then, grab the family around the table and share your newfound wealth of knowledge while allowing everyone to create their very own masterpieces.
6. Water Gun

Somewhat Simple grabbed the water guns, filled them up with paint, and had a little fun! You can easily personalize the canvas by taping off designs or using stickers as stencils. Just make sure you go outside to enjoy this project to the fullest.
7. Fluid

momdot went with a similar project to “pour” paint with this fluid piece. We love the glistening beauty behind this one and, yes, it’s a kid-friendly way to go too. We think adding some bouts of glitters to these designs would really bring them to an entirely new level.
8. Bubbles

Yes, you can paint with bubbles too – and then turn the finished products into greeting cards for the rest of the fam. This is a really great activity for our youngest of arts and crafters. Just catch the project by visiting Early Learning Ideas.
9. Chippy

Sawdust 2 Stitches will teach you how to “chippy paint.” This is a fun skill to try when you’re working with wood pieces. Whether it’s furniture you want to have a distressed style or farmhouse wall accents – take the leap and learn how to make that “weathered and worn” look.
10. Splatter

A little splatter can go a long way. This is one of the most fun ways to “paint” a new piece for the house. Again, you may want to go outside for this one – especially with the kiddos. Grab a brush, dip it in the paint, and go for it! Grab the official instructions at wikiHow.
11. Puffy

One Crazy Mom will teach you now only how to use puffy paint but how to make it too! This starts out as a sort of science experiment with the little ones of the house and then turns into an afternoon of art making. Grab your food coloring and grab your shaving cream to get started!
12. Finger

Then again, sometimes the kiddos may want to go with a more classic route. Finger painting is so much fun and freeing as well. And thankfully, you can learn how to whip up some homemade finger paints before you get started in on the art part of it all. Visit Create. Play. Travel. for more info.
13. Shaving Cream

The Simple Parent went with a shaving cream paint project. This particular project is perfect in celebration of Earth Day but can be modified to fit whatever holiday or event or idea you may already have a vision for. What do you need to start the project? A package of paper plates!
14. Cars

Who knew that cars could be the next best thing to a paint brush. The kiddos will go bonkers for this project and clean up becomes fun too – because it’s time to “play” car wash! The Keeper of the Cheerios will walk you through the main ideas.
15. Spray Bottles

The Crafting Chicks did some painting with spray bottles.They have the ingredients behind the mixture – but it’s basically the same main idea as the water gun paint job. Use tape or stencils to create your design and then have fun aiming and shooting!
16. Sharpies & Alcohol

Lifestyle for real life knows that sharpies and alcohol come together to make some gorgeous art pieces. Have you ever seen those “magic” paint pamphlets for kiddos? The ones where you just grab a q-tip, wet it and then rub it on the colors on the paper – voila! You have paint! It’s kind of like that – but for adults!